I really don't like creating mindmaps and working with them. I think I can draw decent mindmaps that could be useful for someone, but not for me. I have couple times tried drawing them and then later returning to them and redrawing them as suggested in many sources, but haven't found any new ideas developing from this. I maybe should try for a longer time before giving up, but it seems so hard.

My understanding is that mindmaps help people to remember and create things through the links and find connections between separate parts of the construct, but I don't seem to find connections that are not self-evident without the drawing. I think of connections as I write the items and visualizing them is not giving any extra information. I can make a list of important aspects of some thing, that could be visualized as a mindmap, but drawing doesn't seem to bring any additional benefit for me and it actually hinders my productivity.

Maybe I should try to add more information to the maps. Colors for different kind of items or connections is quite obvious idea, but maybe there could be so me other ways to find information not apparent in the first place.

What is interesting, I like structuring things and visualizing data. Some kind of Concept maps are much nicer and often help getting grasp of some system or idea. Best data visualizations are really brilliant and help grasping concepts and understanding things. Maybe that's the thing. I don't want to use graphical presentation for note keeping or developing ideas but for understanding existing ideas and statistics.

This all came to my mind as I saw some mind maps today and then remembered really good TED talk by Hans Rosling on development of global health and economy. He has interesting points in his talk and the way he presents it is just great.