I participated in the latest Testing Dojo in Helsinki and had a lot of fun. Dojo was organized by Petteri Lyytinen and you can read description of the session from his blog. The main point this time was collaboration in the group and focusing more on the planning part of the testing. I liked this a lot, but based on the feedback the structure could be even more organized as expectations and background of the people vary quite a lot.

One thing I could complain about is that when testers gather to learn more about testing, often the example software is buggy and testing is started from the point where we assume that the program has not been tested ever (this time we used famous example of Gerald R. Ford International Airport parking calculator). This is ok if the point is trying out some new way of doing things or some test tool or such. Otherwise I would be interested in more focused approach and we could then test software that is already in quite good condition.

One way would be considering only some aspect of the program/testing (for example usability, security, performance, testability, negative tests, gray box testing, decision trees, oracles used, documentation) with some introduction to the topic. Of course also new ideas and approaches could be tested with more mature software.

People in TestausOSY - FAST (Finnish association of software testing) have been talking about organizing some presentations on topics people find interesting or maybe testing dojos with lightning talks in the beginning. I'm looking forward to those.