The Boinctray is a TCL program for displaying statistics of the BOINC volunteer distributed computing system. The BOINC uses idle cpu cycles of your computer for scientific calculations. This program creates an icon to your system tray and displays the progress of the BOINC computation in a window which you can place freely. The user can control whether the statistics window is shown all the time or only when the mouse cursor is above the icon. It is also possible to choose what statistics are shown. The tray attachment works currently only in Linux. In Windows the icon is shown in a separate window.


Program is now available in English, Italian and Finnish. Your systems locale settings determine which language is used. The default is English. The translations are gettext based. If you would like to translate the program to some other language, contact me or see the file TRANSLATING.

Running the program:

To run the program you need to have a TCL interpreter (version 8.5) on your computer. If you don't have one, you can get either pre-compiled binary version or source files from the address Many Linux distributions have a TCL interpreter included in their basic compilations. Using an interpreter is the most efficient way for running the program.

Another possibility for running the Boinctray is to use a program called Freewrap. The Freewrap makes it possible to use TCL programs even if you can't install programs to the computer yourself. Just download the latest release of the Freewrap, unpack it and follow the instructions for creating an executable.

The file README has some help for troubleshooting problems.

File Size Date Note
boinctray-2.5.tar.gz 42 kB 2011-12-05 Works with Boinc versions 6.12.x and later.
ChangeLog 2 kB 2011-12-05
boinctray-2.4.tar.gz 42 kB 2009-05-19 Works with Boinc versions 6.10.x and earlier.
boinctray-2.3.tar.gz 42 kB 2009-01-11
boinctray-2.2.tar.gz 32 kB 2008-08-14
boinctray-2.1.tar.gz 33 kB 2008-04-19
boinctray-2.0.tar.gz 33 kB 2008-03-22
boinctray-1.3.tar.gz 19 kB 2006-11-13

Usage and configuration:

When run, the program creates an icon to your system tray. When you move your cursor over the icon, a window pops up. The window disappears again when you move your mouse away from the icon. Clicking the icon leaves the window open and clicking it again hides the window. You can drag the window anywhere you like.

To select your BOINC installation directory right click the icon, hold mouse button down, and select the appropriate menu item. The file the Boinctray needs to read is client_state.xml. It should be in the root directory of the BOINC.

In the right click menu there is also a menu option for configuring the statistics shown. You can choose if you want see the individual project credits or the total project credits. Also you can see either all the started work units or only the one using the processor just now. The program shows the percent of the work done on a work unit and can estimate the computation time remaining.

The client state file updates only from time to time. The Boinctray can try to estimate amount of work done between these updates based on the work reported before. This option of course only works well if the BOINC project reports the work done on a work unit regularly. It also expects the programs to have a linear processing rate which is not always the truth.