This page contains little programs I have coded, mainly for fun. All these programs are distributed under GNU General Public License. You are free to copy, modify, and use the programs as long as you comply with the licence. Please read it before using code copied from here. Comments, suggestions and bug reports are most welcome.


The Boinctray is a TCl program for displaying statistics of the BOINC volunteer distributed computing system. The BOINC uses the idle time of your computer for doing scientific calculations. This program creates an icon to your system tray and displays the progress of the BOINC computation in a window next to the icon. The user can control whether the statistics window is shown all the time or only when the mouse cursor is above the icon. It is also possible to choose what statistics are shown. The tray attachment works currently only in Linux.


The Discretize is a TCL program which you can use to divide continous data to arbitrary number of discrete bins. There are two methods for dividing the observations. You can either provide boundaries of the bins yourself or you can just tell how many bins you want to be created, and let the program search such boundaries that every bin contains equal amount of observations. Each variable can be discretized separately. The data should be in CSV format.